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Posted by admin on March 3rd, 2011

Thursday 3rd March 2010

Poor form that it’s been over 2 months since the previous show, but nevertheless as always the music is top notch. As I mention in the show it’s my birthday on Saturday, so will try to get another show in the can, of some of my Indie Launchpad favourites. A kind of birthday present to myself. Watch this space.

As always if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at podcast@indielaunchpad.com

Song 01 Photojournalist – Small Black
(Album) New Chain

Song 03 A Hard Year – Jon Hardy and the Public
(Album) A Hard Year

Song 03 Little Lesson – Kathryn Williams
(Album) The Quickening

Song 04 The Palace Guards – David Lowery
(Album) The Palace Guards

Song 05 New Inheritors – Wintersleep
(Album) New Inheritors

Song 06 Rush – Liz Longley
(Album) Somewhere in the Middle

Song 07 In the Dirt – S Carey
(Album) All We Grow

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